Natural Face Lift Massage

The Natural Face Lift Massage is a non-invasive technique, which relies on nothing but the hands of a practitioner to make you appear younger.

A combination of stress and a modern lifestyle can leave some people looking tired and drawn in their appearance. The face, neck and shoulders tend to tighten and constrict due to a lack in the supply of energy, oxygen and nutrients.

During the massage energy blockages are released, freeing any restrictions in the connective tissue. This helps give flexibility and suppleness to the face. It also helps to iron out the signs of ageing and reduce sagginess because the facial muscles are toned giving a more lifted appearance.

More than just a beauty treatment, the Natural Face Lift Massage helps to improve health and wellbeing. Once energy blockages have been released, the flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients to cells in the body is increased. This helps boost the immune system and remove toxins.

A treatment is expected to last one hour.  Treatments are usually recommended at weekly intervals for the first six weeks followed by regular top up sessions to retain any new muscle tone and texture.

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